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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 23, 2009 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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questions. >> one other question. what other calls did she make this morning? >> i noticed that she also talked to, if map were here he would correct me on this but foreign secretary miliband of the u.k.. it is that right? >> what was the topic? >> i hope to have later on this afternoon a readout for you guys, so that we can give it to you all. >> has she been participating directly in the consultations with the white house on i ran over the weekend and today? >> shebert dissipated by a telephone. i don't know about today. we may have some more information about that later on as well. but i know that, over the weekend she was on the telephone. >> is there any more about her
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condition? in other words is she having reaction to medication that is preventing her-- >> you know, i don't think so. i was in a meeting with her this morning for 45 minutes in she clearly has mobility issues. with a big cast and a sling. she is a right-hander, so she has got some dexterity and mobility issues, but she was on top of her game this morning.
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>> good evening everyone. if i could quiet the crowd please. i am john podesta, the center -- president of the center for american progress. it is a great honor to be hearing this panel. on behalf of the american constitution society, i would like to welcome all of you to tonight's plenary panel, which is entitled the levers of change, how progress is made in today's policy environment. i would also like to extend special thanks to all of our panelists who have been generous enough to donate their arrival time to participate in this discussion. we have several members of the administration up here, and given the pace of the new administration, i think spending a friday evening doing anything but being in a catatonic state is really an heroic effort. i know that the panel will be lively,


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